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links for 2008-09-24

  • One great way to go green is to practice conservation, or as I like to call it, “avoidance.” In other words, avoid using gas by missing traffic, avoid using excess electricity by turning your lights off remotely, avoid waste by buying used goods. One little tool has a growing ability to help you ditch the need for the little-bit-mores that we want to cut out: the iPhone.

    We’ve scoured the apps store and internet for the coolest green options and programs that will help save gas, energy, time and money in four main areas of life.

    iPhone Apps for Gas, Driving and Car Maintenance
    iPhone Apps for Traveling, Carpooling and Mass Transportation
    iPhone Helps with Home Energy Use
    iPhone Apps for Greener Shopping

  • Im Rahmen der von Michael Wenzl bei Bio Emma erstellen Liste nachhaltiger Blogs und Journale hat Sebastian Backhaus die dort verzeichneten Blogs aufgegriffen und sie in eine Google Map integriert.